About LOMLI Coffee

LOMLI Coffee is an eco-friendly coffee brand and POC, woman-owned small business created by Donna Kim, an unabashed caffeine addict, entrepreneur, and former on-air trend expert and editor. Her love of coffee is unconditional. It was always there for her during those grueling 4AM call times, back to back meetings with no breaks, last-minute travel for work, and of course, tight deadlines when she had a major case of writer’s block and coffee was the only thing that gave her the energy and inspiration to push through. While life has changed, Donna’s love of coffee has not and it truly is, the love of her life. And she knows that it’s the love of your life, too. Hence, the name. LOMLI stands for Love Of My Life Is... 
lomli coffee love of my life is coffee donna kim
LOMLI Coffee was created for the busy person on the go. It’s something you can bring ANYWHERE, whenever you need a caffeine fix. All you need is water and a cute mug! There's no need to whip out your fancy pour over machine, re-order bad-for-the-planet coffee pods, and/or wait in lines to get your cup of joy. You can rely on LOMLI to give you the most delicious, mess-free, eco-friendly coffee so you can focus on other things.  Our direct trade coffee is a beautiful dark roast blend that is sustainably sourced from Colombia. The materials of the ENTIRE Steeped coffee bag and packet are all eco-friendly and sustainable, which means you can kindly dispose of it without any guilt. And we're currently working on selling more blends and other coffee related items very soon. "I know how challenging it is to juggle a million things in a day and I really hope that LOMLI can bring you joy and the kick you need to get things going. From the second you rip open that packet, you’ll recognize the smell and taste of pure bliss." - Donna, Creator of LOMLI Coffee