Look no further for the best smooth and strong coffee to drink at your convenience! Our Bisou Blend is a delectable full-bodied French Roast blend that will wake you up right at first tear. When you open up the bag, you'll instantly sense LOMLI is about to help you conquer the day. 

For a delicious at-home hot coffee moment, steep our coffee bag in your favorite coffee mug in water for approximately 3-5 minutes. And of course, the longer you have it in there, the stronger it will be! 

Also, if you're more into Cold Brew coffee, we highly recommend adding two LOMLI coffee bags in a big jug of filtered water (a large mason jar that can hold 2 cups would be perfect!) and leave it overnight in the fridge. Take those bags out in the morning and you'll have the most insane cup of cold brew. We won't judge if you drink the whole serving! 

For Iced Coffee, take one LOMLI coffee bag and steep in hot water for about 5-10 minutes (depending on how strong you want it). Then, fill up a glass with ice and pour the concentrate in. Drink black or with whatever creamer or milk you wish! (My favorite is almond + 1 pump of sugar-free vanilla).

More information about our Premium Direct Trade, Ethically Sourced, and Barista Approved LOMLI Coffee! 💕☕️

  • Our packaging is completely guilt-free! It's fully compostable and our inks for printing are non-toxic and water-based. Unfortunately, coffee pods are not good for our planet and we wanted to make sure that our coffee is completely sustainable! 
  • Premium Direct Trade Coffee: Our high-quality coffee is ethically sourced directly from farmers from Colombia 
  • Micro Batches: roasted locally in small batches